About Jamie

Jamie’s first two book, ‘The Birth of Now’ and ‘Beliefs’ were written in China, Beliefs in Beijing and ‘The Birth of Now’ in Shanghai. Now in back in the UK, the third of the ‘Uncertain Century’ trilogy is shortly to be published.

In China, Jamie combined work as Associate Professor at SIVA (University) Shanghai with advising businesses on China and writing articles for the business press.

Jamie was educated at the University of Oxford (New College), where he won an Open Scholarship, before a long career in business and innovation. After training with Unilever, Jamie worked for several innovation specialists before setting up his own business developing new products. In 2012 the family moved to Beijing and to Shanghai in 2014. Apart from writing Jamie was an Associate Professor at SIVA, a university based Songjiang, and advised businesses, helping companies understand the growing Chinese market and business culture.  The family moved to Hong Kong in 2018  where Jamie completed the last book of the trilogy. Philosophy 2